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Morocco Desert Charm
Morocco Desert Charm is a local agency that makes the most professional tours, camel trekking, and desert excursions through Moroccan desert.M ost of our drivers and guides are professionals and specialists in the field of local tourism. With our agency, we are going to let you invest your money in something useful and don’t hesitate to make an attempt .surly you will enjoy Morocco.
Our idea was born in 2014 when our team noticed that a high number of visitors come to Mhamid Elghizlane to enjoy the desert and its beauty thus we thought to create our team to start doing some desert tour and desert excursions from other cities toward the desert. now our dream is getting bigger and we are thinking of some other activities like group trekking and Morocco desert tours from many cities in Morocco

Our Services

Desert Excursions

Desert excursions are one of the best services we arrange towards the desert using 4/4 cars so that we let you choose other possibilities of getting into the desert beside camels.

Camels Riding/Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco Desert Tours

We arrange also camels riding in the oasis and in the dunes of Chigaga to let you see the charm of the oasis over the camels and live the true life of local people.

Group Trekking With camels

We organize also group trekking with camels towards the deep of the desert, this service is highly recommended for those who want  to enjoy the tranquility and the charm of Sahara /oasis

Morocco Desert Tours as a program adopted by our agency aims to show you the charm of the desert through different categories of desert tours.T hat is to say, our clients can choose any category suits their budget , we hope We hope by checking our listed Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech you will be inspired to visit the extraordinary  Desert of this country with us. It is possible to customize everything for you in the best way to suit your budget, timing, and preferences. It is also our duty to adjust your Morocco holiday depending on your privacy.

why You must choose desert tours during your holidays in Morocco :

Firstly Morocco Desert Tour is one of the best tours you have to choose during your holiday in Morocco for the following reasons :

-choosing Morocco Desert Tours let you discover the charm of Morocco and Moroccan desert during your way to discover the desert because you are going to pass by a lot of places that must you should visit.

*Morocco Desert Tours allow you to live the desert as it is with nomad people that are living there.

*If you chose Morocco Desert Tours you will enjoy riding camels in the deep of the desert felling the tranquility that you will never find somewhere else

*Morocco Desert Tours will let you have a complete tour that will show you the best places in Morocco.
To sum up, Make sure that this kind of tours is the best.

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