One day in the old Kasbah of Mhamid Elghizlane.

21st Jan 2017

Mhamid Elghizlane is the last Oasis of Daraa valley in the south of Morocco .Thousands of tourists come yearly to this sharming oasis to see its .charm and its beautiful historical monument let alone it big dunes which make it  a very beautiful area for tourist around the world.As a local agency our company make some of the most beautiful desert excursions as well as some beautiful nights either in the desert or in the small oasis .

Today we are going to suggest a very nice experience in which you are going either to have lunch or dinner in the old kasbah of Mhamid elghizlane.

Our suggested program for you as the following:

1- when you come here in the we are going to take you from the hotel where you are  and go directly behind the oasis toward a very beautiful place called “Rass Nkhal” which is not far from the Oasis .there you are going to see the beauty of the Oasis of Mhamid the same time you will have te chance to take some picture of hundreds of old palm which are making a very beutiful image of the amazing Oasis.after trekking a little bit around that place we are going to go toward the old kasbah of Mhamid in which we are going to have a nomad lunch with local people . in an old house of a man called Khalifa.

2-After lunch, “khalifa” will make the very tasting Berber tea .in the same time you are allowed to take some picture of the old house of “Khalifa”.

After that we are going to make a small tour inside the old Kasbah, which date back to the 17 century according to some of oral histories of local population. directly after that we come back again to the hotel where you have already reserved in.

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