One day of visiting historical monuments of Mhamid elghizlane

9th Feb 2017

Mhamid Elghizlane is not only Chegaga dunes which is the biggest series of dunes in the south of Morocco .It is also a huge number of old historical monuments that must be seen whenever you visit this small town .

Not far from Mhamid Elghizlane about 20 KM toward the East there is an old historical monument called “FOM LARJAM” it is an old cemetery date back to thousands of year ago . it is the oldest cemetery in all over Morocco .

“Fom Larjam” is not famous between the Moroccan geologist as there are no studies have been done to give information about this old monument.

As some local researchers said .”Fom Larjam” is an Old way of burying the dead and according to others it has strong relationship with the pyramids in Egypt just because it has more or less the same shape of grave “pyramids”

Let alone some old rocks engravings that Chronicling to an old time before Era .

Coming back to Mhamid Elghizlane on our way we will find some oldest Kasbah of Bounou and Ouled Driss in which we are going to make a small tour inside to know more about ways of living of local population .and have the chance to see the ways of construction of the old building there.


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