A visit To Dades’s Throats and Atlass Mountaines

9th Feb 2017

Morocco Desert Charm

As you come for the first time to Morocco as a visitor , in my humble point of view as a local person ,the first thing you have to do is A to visit  Dades’s Throats and Atlass Mountains. just  because it is the first get-way of Moroccan kingdom .

The throats of Dades is a very beautiful area to start with during your visit .you are going to start you visit to this area at Marrakech Airoport where we are going to pick you up by our car ,then we are going to continue our way toward Ouarzazat city .

On our way we are going to discover the charm of Moroccan Atlass Mountains and the huge Throats of Dades near Tinghir city .

After two our of driving we are going to arrive to Dades’S Throats where we are going to have the lunch ,after that we are going to take some picture of the charming area .

There you are really going to see the magic of Morocco . then we are going to cross the Atlass Mountain toward Ait ben hadou which is also a very nice area to be visited.

After a long day we are going to come back again to Marrakech.

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