Two Hours Of Trekking Through Mhamid Oasis

12th Feb 2017

No doubt that most of the tourists come to Morocco are so curious about what this country have and which make it more attractive than ever before.first of all Morocco is a big country that  accommodates all religions no matter what is it and this is the very important reasons that allow tourists come to morocco from all over the world . secondly ,Morocco is a country of beauty and charm in term of both ,different cultures and different charming places .

Desert is a very beautiful parts of these places.

most of tourist coming to Morocco are so attractive with desert as most of them don’t have it in their country.most of them strive to let a bit of time to do excursion through the desert or even camel trekking in the Oasis of the Moroccan south .

Morocco Desert Charm invite you to have an experience in discovering the Moroccan oasis by making trekking through Daraa oasis.

Our guide is going to show you the charm of the oasis that are considered as global heritage according to some researchers .our guide is going to start the experience with you discovering these oasis  and discovering the old way of house construction and recognizing the different cultures of Draa tribes so that you will have an idea about the south of Morocco.

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