Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Morocco

6th Mar 2017

Most of the Tourists that come to Morocco don’t know exactly from where they have to start their trip in this country .today we are going to talk a little bit about the most interesting places that must be visited in Morocco.

We will not go so far ,all what we are going to talk about is the very famous area in give me your attention and take this advises.

If you don’t visit Marrakesh you don’t do anything .

Marrakesh: according to TripAdvisor website is from the most ten cities that tourists tend to go to in 2015 .so Marrakesh is an amazing area where you can start your visit to Morocco.people there are so friendly and kinds .let alone the very beautiful JAMAA LAFNA square which included to be one of most beautiful world heritage according to Unisco.

Ait ben Hadou :it is also one of the most beautiful world heritage that you have to see in your visit to Morocco.

it is a small collection of building constructed in an old way by local population. it is located in the south of Morocco Exactly near Ouarzazat city .it an amazing site .

Merzouga or Mhamid Elghizlane:Both of them are great and large desert .

Starting first with Merzouga wich is a big series of dunes near Errachidya city .most of the tourist that come to Morocco tend to go to this place as it is very beautiful . in Merzouga you can have a good holiday riding camels , sleeping in the nomad tents under the stars and jumping the big dune to take some pictures of the sunset…..

Mhamid Elghizlane :is simillar to Merzouga but bit large .less people you can find .if you are looking for tranquility ,so you are in the right place. far from the small town ,you find nomad tents and some camps .also you can find camels and some sheep around .inside the town you can find hotels with good quality…..

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