Advises during your trip to the desert.

19th Apr 2017

Most of the people that are interested in desert don’t know what should they do during their trip to the desert .today we are going to give you some advises of how to organizes your trip and what should you bring with you during it .

As a local guide in a small village in the deep of Morrocan desert .i have to show you how to deal with desert .

My village is a small village called Mhamid elghizlane in the  south of Morocco which belong to Zagora province .i am 28 old year . i know desert very well that is why i going to help you organizing your first trip to the desert .

Most of the guest coming to Morocco tend to visit desert . so there is two desert destinations that most of visitors tend to go to

Marzoga : the second biggest desert in Morocco after Mhamid is an amazing area , thousends of guests visit it yearly as it is very charming with its big dunes and its charming sunset .when you are there in the winter or in the summer be sure that you have a turban an glasses as they going to protect you from the send storms that takes part from time to time .

On the other hand there is Mhamid E lghizlane bigger that Marzouga and it is hard to arrive to the final point in that village as there is no way to get into the desert without using four by four car ,

Some agencies have some offers from which you can go into the desert either with camels or cars . so if you are interested in making such tour . that can help you .

during your trip be sure to have enough water especially in  the summer time .during your way with cars or camel you are going to find some water resources .you can tell the driver to stop a little bit in order to enjoy the very cold water from the well either to wash your hands and face or to have a fast shower there .

when you arrive to the camp you can order a camel to ride in order to take some amazing pictures to the sunset over the camel .

guide will stop when you tell you that so don’t hesitate to stop from time to time to take your day picture.

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